Tuesday, September 03, 2013



Remember that time your stained glass project - about an hour away from completion - inexplicably fell from the shelf in the studio and you had to pry the whole damn thing apart with pliers, cutting the shit out of your hands and blistering one finger?


The salvageable pieces are unfoiled and clean, and re-laid on the pattern. I had enough scrap for the colors to re-glue those pattern pieces tonight. The studio manager is going to replace the clear glass and the shattered rondel (I was lucky in that only one was destroyed). Once the new glass is in, I'll get to cut and grind (again), foil (again), and solder (again). I'm estimating that my setback will cost 8-10 hours, at least. Not including the 2.5 hours I spent disassembling it today.

This damn thing better look good when I'm finished!


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