Tuesday, September 03, 2013



It is very nice to have our normal crazy life back. As opposed to our "building a house insane" life.

I got to attend my Lectio Divina group again...this makes two weeks in a row! This, along with my reinstated mid-day prayer with the monks, has been extremely beneficial.

Tonight we went to our Corvette club meeting and had a lovely time. This is due to the fact that neither of us serve on the board any more. We watched from a safe distance and left stress-free.

Then I farted around on my iMac in my project room, working around my little furry photo editor. He fancies himself that, anyway.

Last night I got to play with photos and glass.

Tomorrow Zozo has soccer practice and then M has a coaches meeting and I will have work to do because I am a man short at the office...but not for long! Made an offer today to a stellar candidate and he accepted! I will finally get some much-needed help come October 1. Just have to gut it out until then.

Life is good. Laus tibi domine!


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