Thursday, August 22, 2013



I worked so hard and so long today that I had to consciously search for an image when I got home from work. A 13-hour work day will do that to a person. I think I touched my phone twice today, once to take a call from M and once to confirm with my MIL that she was indeed picking up my child from aftercare. (My brain was so frazzled by that point that I didn't trust myself to just trust that everything was lined up.)

Thankfully my beautiful birthday gerber daisies are still rocking it. They make me smile, even when I feel too tired to smile.

I did shoot with the Nikon today, but it was for work and therefore wholly uninspired and not very creative. Grip & grins, stage shots, etc. I went fully manual just to feel more connected. It made me happy.

I am very thankful tomorrow is Friday. I need the weekend. I still absolutely love my job...I just put in a helluva day and need to recharge the batteries.


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