Wednesday, August 14, 2013



I interviewed a Cardinal today. Not that all Cardinals aren't important, but this one is particularly important. He's got a fancy title that doesn't tell you what he really is, so I'll translate it for you: Chief Justice of the Vatican Supreme Court.

I mean, he hangs with the Pope and stuff. Seriously. He does. In fact, he was part of the super-secret conclave that elected the new guy. White smoke and everything. The guy has serious Vatican street cred.

He was charming. That could be because he was wearing kick ass Cardinal robes (red and white, of course) and is a lot shorter than I expected. He's opinionated as hell, which one probably has to be to hold down his job. We got along just fine and I got a lovely interview and his personal email address.

No, I won't share it with you. Because we're buds now, the Cardinal and I. And because he asked me not to share it with anyone as he receives too many emails already. I'll bet!

(Father Augustine proclaimed me 40% holier when I returned from my ACTS retreat last fall. I wonder how much extra holy I earned by spending 15 minutes with a Cardinal...)

The best part of the day, though, was M returning home from Nebraska a whole day early. Totally unexpected and a wonderful treat after putting in a 13-hour work day.

Blessings, indeed.


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