Monday, August 12, 2013



Ever get that creepy feeling that you're being watched? Yeah. I get that all the time from my CATS. Tonight it was Tachi.

Took The Bug with me to work today. I love doing that. She's a cool little officemate who draws pictures for me and delivers smoochies and steals lemon drops from the jar on my desk. Today she built a fort out of two office guest chairs, the pillows from my couch, and a fleece blanket I brought from home in case the air conditioning was on high. (Despite a thermostat in my office, I really have only two settings for both heat and air: off and turbo.) She spent much of the day in the fort, playing with Hootie and her Build-a-Bear of the day, the iPad and the iPod, and singing Christmas carols. The girl is, after all, her father's daughter.

She also made her birthday list which includes:

20,000 Build-a-Bear Gift Certickerfates


iPHONE [the phone was underlined; apparently her iPod Touch isn't enough because she wants to text people. Mainly the mothers of all her second grade friends so she can learn what class everyone is in because waiting until supply drop-off day Thursday is unacceptable.]

Bunny [Note: since I'm the one who primarily takes care of the guinea pig, I went ahead and nixed this right off the bat. No consultation with M was necessary.]

So her list is a little (okay, a LOT) unrealistic. But I do like that she thinks big.


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