Saturday, August 24, 2013



We spent time here today, serving as prayerful witnesses to two monks ordained to the priesthood.

Seeing something like this is completely different when you know the holy men personally.

I know how Cassian likes to over-think just about everything, and how Francis had a few rough childhood experiences and still sometimes struggles in his relationship with his father. I know how nervous they were about today, and how they are terrified of celebrating their first Masses tomorrow. I saw the glances between them today, and watched how Father Dominic gently, and with great love for his brethren, guided them through. I cried when their monastic brothers embraced them in joyful hugs of congratulations.

It was a good day, not only for the Catholic Church but for us all. We have two new servants, dedicated to praying for us - ALL of us - each and every day, and ready to care for us pastorally when we need them.

It was a good day.


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