Tuesday, July 30, 2013



I've been writing and editing a lot for work lately, which translates into a desire to neither write nor edit by the time I come to post here. Everything's good...I just don't feel like writin'.

I do, however, enjoy splitting infinitives. Got into a debate with another grammar snob regarding them (I'm pro, he's con) and he simply wouldn't accept my argument (nor that of Google's many sources), so I was forced to call the head of the English department at the school in which I work. He backed me up, and my foe reluctantly admitted defeat. He's a proud alum of the school so he had no choice, really. This was a major win for me, and I'm feeling quite proud. I, and Star Trek fans everywhere, shall continue to boldly go (instead of going boldly).

Sometimes it's the little things.


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