Thursday, July 25, 2013



ZoBug had her very first piano lesson today. She loved it. I loved listening to it (I was camped out on the other side of the baby grand on Miss Kiley's couch, with Pocket the dog keeping me company).

Her teacher, highly recommended by a mom I know, is fantastic. She's perfect for Zo. Young, energetic, hip, and fun.

Worked in the stained glass studio again today. I finished grinding and am now foiling. The whole process is wonderful. So meditative. My instructor says I should be finished with this first piece in a week. We'll see. I kind of don't want it to end, but I suppose I could just start another one. I have the perfect spot picked out for a grinder at home. (This is where M groans and asks, "Wait? What about photography?" And then I reassure him that my love for photography will never wane and could I please buy a full-frame D600 and some new glass? And then he starts drinking.)

Made Pad Thai tonight for dinner. First time. It was awesome and will be made again. This adds to the goat cheese pasta with broccoli, the tofu stir fry, and the chicken with honeyed Granny Smith apples dishes I've made this week. It appears my creativity has exploded in the kitchen as well.

Life is good for my right brain right now. Well, it's good for the left brain, too, but it's taking a bit of a much-deserved snooze.

Also, I love brown eggs. I mean, it's crazy. I'm obsessed by them. It's the color, I think. I could never bring myself to buy them before now...would just stare at them through the fridge case at the market. But this week Sam's had them priced the same as the plain old white ones so I bought 'em. And I keep taking pictures of them.

Except we ate three of my subjects on top of our Pad Thai tonight.

(The Pad Thai is sparking an interest in rice noodles, too, but they aren't nearly as pretty as brown eggs. Tasty, though!)


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