Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Mama robin now has four eggs in her nest. It makes me feel good to peek out the back door and see her sitting there, beak poking out one side and tail the other. We are anxiously awaiting the hatch, which according to the internets is 10-12 days after the last egg is laid. We're not exactly sure when that was, but we estimate last Saturday or Sunday.

We've been calling her Mama Robin, but Zoe would like to give her a proper name. I couldn't come up with anything earlier (even my brain is tired these days), but now I think that Frankie might be nice. After FLLW.

I went to a big volunteer luncheon for work today mainly to snap photos for use on the school's website. I mingled and introduced myself and played the role of party-pic girl even though I was dead tired and could have curled up on the couch right there in the country club and gone to sleep amidst all the happy, chatty ladies.

And then, right after dessert was served, the president of the group gave her remarks and introduced the next board. She thanked the various staff groups for their support and I dug into my raspberry sorbet with determination.

That's when she said, "And I have to call attention to one person in particular..." I spooned the sorbet in and concentrated on not getting a brain freeze while waiting for heaps of praise to be bestowed upon the director of development, who works her butt off and deserves it. But she didn't say Julie's name. She said mine. I stopped chewing and felt my face go red. When she was done talking about the things I have done since I started last June everyone applauded and I was pretty much in shock. The sorbet was forgotten.

Wow. What a day.


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