Saturday, January 19, 2013



We went to Pere Marquette today, to look for eagles (we spotted eleven!) and eat yummy lodge food. Beautiful day, and I got lots of fun iPhone images, including this shot of a house covered in glazed ceramic tiles on a backroad in Grafton. Totally stumbled on it by happy accident. I love that.

We also learned the very expensive and brilliantly conceived LifeProof case is completely unsuited to shooting in daylight. I've been struggling with it since I got it, but today was the final straw. M saw my exasperation and packed it back up for me tonight. It'll be returned to the store tomorrow.

Tonight, after Zoe's bath as I was drying her off, we had this conversation:

"Mommy, is that the plumber behind the potty?"
"No, sweetie. That's the plunger."
"Ugh. I was SO close!"

These are the things that make my life so very, very rich.


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