Wednesday, January 09, 2013



Our 7th grade Girl Scout helpers ran out of ideas for their monthly song and dance, so my Daisy troop learned Gangnam Style dance moves this afternoon.

It's disconcerting to realize you've lost control of your troop a mere 15 minutes into the meeting. The only thing that's worse is hearing 19 seven-year-olds scream, "Heeeeeey sexy lady!" with absolutely no prompting from anyone.

Meeting was good, as usual, and my co-leader and I left completely exhausted, as usual. No gas left in the tank. Which is a shame since I had to come home and put in over three hours of work to make up for leaving early for the troop meeting. This must be what a mother's love is all about, because I don't regret it one bit. She's totally worth it.

Mental note: learn (or re-learn) some traditional Girl Scout songs so as to supplement my 7th grade helpers in case they can't think of anything but Gangnam Style. I can't blame them...damn song has been running through my own head since 3:15 this afternoon.

Heeeeey, sexy lady...


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