Thursday, January 10, 2013



Zozo received her Saint Juan Diego patch after her all-school mass today. She earned it by making a book about with her classmates about the life of Juan Diego, and teaching a kindergartner about him. She was so excited, and I was excited for and proud of her.

After a busy day at work, I met a female colleague in the school's fitness center for the first time. She's been going for years but I just learned recently that she does. She's the only female who dares work out in a fitness center full of teenage boys. Until now.

The music is pretty tasteless and it was too warm for my taste (apparently teenage boys really like to sweat), but they left us alone for the most part and were kind and polite when they did interact.'s FREE! Seriously. Free lunch (that's delicious) and a free fitness center, plus all the spiritual perks and the mission to boot? I've died and gone to heaven, I think. It's not too often that someone can say they continue to find things to love about their job the longer they work there. I am blessed beyond belief.

Now that I've gotten past the "am I intruding" issue by going with Jeanette once, I have no issues returning on my own. I can't believe how happy this makes me. (It's even open on the weekends!) It feels so good to move again, and exercise. Weather and budget are no longer issues.

So, all in all a great day capped by two good events. I fall asleep a happy girl tonight.


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