Thursday, April 12, 2012

paper pusher


I am the princess of paper. The queen of contracts. The doyenne of deeds.

I have telephoned, emailed, and hounded in person. I have searched nearly every packed box in my summer cottage for paperwork, and researched dozens of websites. I have dropped off, picked up, questioned, and answered.

Tomorrow morning I meet with my builder to review and sign the final contract. Then I meet with my banker at 3 to turn over final copies of that last required document.

Seriously. I'm about ready to go over to the broken house and start swinging a sledgehammer myself, just to have some movement that's more than just pushing paper.

Today I met with my architect, who kindly took time to review the AIA contract with me and answer questions. I was reminded once again how lucky we are to have retained him over the hundreds of other architects in St. Louis. In the process of explaining something he showed me the binder for another house nearing completion in a small community nearby. The binder was one inch thick. Later, as I used his copier, I glanced over to an associate's desk and saw our binder, neatly labeled and already filling with documents. It's three inches thick. We got another good laugh at just how detail-oriented M and I have been.

My fervent hope is that all that detailing will pay off in the end, with no change orders and no cost overruns. Because really, in all this, if I've missed something major I'm gonna be pissed as hell.


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