Tuesday, April 10, 2012



Coach handed out jerseys at practice tonight, in the "get what you get and you don't throw a fit" system. The girls didn't care (that comes later), but they had a blast modeling their new visors for each other. I thought it was cool that she ended up with lucky number seven.

The visors are genius. I remember sweating my ass off in a hot ball cap through many a summer. Plus, it's hard to cram perky pigtails under a baseball cap.

At practice tonight she did a great job with fielding, throwing and batting. She was engaged and paid attention nearly the whole time, despite the usual suspects raising a ruckus in the background. Some things never change...the same girls who were a pain in the butt to coach in soccer are equally disruptive in softball. Regardless, I think she's going to do really well, and have fun with softball. Which is good because I hear great softball players can score some awesome college scholarships. Since soccer for her primarily consists of cartwheels between bouts of running, I'm now looking towards softball for potential tuition help.

(Kidding! I just want my little girl to have fun and feel good about what she's doing. I think she's got the confidence thing down. On the way home from practice tonight, I said, "That was a great hit, Zozo!" And from the back seat I heard a confident, "I know!" Whereupon we had a teaching moment on the proper way to field a compliment.)


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