Monday, April 09, 2012



Today's fun included:
An hour on the phone with four people from AT&T in an attempt to rectify a colossal f*ck up one person at AT&T set in motion three months ago. (That fun continues tomorrow.)

A trip to Zozer's dentist to see about The Baby Tooth That Won't Fall Out. (We get to wait some more. Apparently it's ok for your child to have two sets of teeth at once.)

The library to return books, and check out some new ones.

Steak 'n Shake for lunch, because "they have the BEST shakes, Mommy!"

A run downtown to AIA, to purchase stock contracts for building a custom home.

A stop by the bank to drop off my set of construction documents, because clearly everyone in the free world needs to know the layout of my home before I can build it. My plans will be FedEx'd to a couple of women in Minnesota or Wisconsin who are responsible for reviewing plans for new construction loans. "I don't like where you put the powder room - loan denied!"

Multiple games of Uno. The child is obsessed.

A run to Build-A-Bear, because for Zo it's the equivalent of Schiller's for me and Elco for M, and she was so patient with all my errands today that she deserved a little side trip to heaven.

A blood letting at church, where I gave my pint to the Red Cross not only to help up to three people but also to get those stalkers off my call sheet. I know when I'm eligible to donate, because they blow up my phone with daily pleadings. Being O- has its privileges.

All in all quite a productive day. I did manage to get a little work done, but for the most part I played hooky and hung out with my kid. It was good.


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