Saturday, November 05, 2011

I'm not really gone, I'm just hanging out somewhere else

While it may seem as though I've been dormant (lazy) (absent) (quiet) (invisible), the truth is that I've only been those things here.

My on-line world has exploded since Camp, and I've been participating in a lot of other forums (fora?) with other photographers. Facebook (private group), Flickr, Instagram...

I've also been a shooting maniac, although mostly for others. I'm still capturing Zoe's soccer games, but I've also done a Halloween party, a play, and today, a football game. Most nights are spent editing, and it has been really, really great. I'm hanging out at Flickr a lot, so if you want to see more of my stuff you can check me out there (my username is the first letter of my first name, followed by my whole last name - yeah, I know, not so creative). All my work that involves children, or rather, other people's children, is marked as private, but I can send you a guest pass if you want. And if I know you and know you're not some pervy freak.

One of my groups on Flickr is a 30 Days of Gratitude project. Every day participants submit an image showing something for which we are grateful. It can be a new image shot that day, or an old one from your archives. You can write about it, or not. You can even skip a day if you want. In other words, there are no rules and that's appealing to someone who is living daily life under multiple deadlines. I've posted every day so far, and am using this as a trial run for a possible 365 in 2012. It takes a lot to commit to creating a photograph every day for a year, and I'm not entirely sure I'm up for it. Especially since we'll be doing things like moving out of our home, wrecking it, rebuilding it, then moving back. Then again, this might be the perfect year to document our daily life and the huge changes we're making.

Anyway, I've been thinking that perhaps I should share my 30 Days project here, and not just confine it to Flickr. I've been writing a graph or two for each one, which is what I typically do here, so I may as well kill two birds with one stone.

In other news, Zoe's soccer team won their game today, and her BFF scored their two goals. M has been hard at work on Christmas, and not only will this year completely blow everyone's minds, but it all seems to be going remarkably well (fingers crossed this continues after the multiple debacles of last year). Meeting with the architect again Tuesday afternoon. I've got a fire in the fireplace, two snoozing cats nearby, a husband with multiple hand tools and wires and other electrical paraphernalia hanging out on the other couch, a clean daughter sound asleep for the night, and a shitload of new images to edit.

Life. is. good.

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