Saturday, October 15, 2011

And...I'm off!

I'm packed (mostly) and my gear is stowed (all of it) and I'm getting ready to leave for the airport in about an hour.  I'm going here, to do this.

It's 70 women photographers, many of us mothers, converging in one location to photograph and learn and share.  It sold out in less than 15 minutes, so I feel incredibly fortunate to have one of the slots.  This is the first year for it, and I think while all of us are extremely excited, none of us know exactly what to expect.

The organizers were wise and created a private Facebook page for us to get to know each other before camp.  We've had so much fun sharing there that I can't wait to meet all my new friends in person.  Women who have never met before in person have arranged to meet up at airports, share rental cars, pick strangers up and take them to camp.  Ten years ago I'd be completely freaked about doing something like this.  I'd have most likely passed up an incredible opportunity and just stayed home.  Now, I can't wait to meet the two women who are picking me up at the Monterey airport tonight.  We're going to dinner, then crashing at a local motel with a lot of the other campers as the event doesn't formally start until tomorrow afternoon.

While I'm thrilled to go, there is a part of me that is anxious.  It's so hard to leave my little family, even for a few days.  Zozer and I are getting in some last-minute snuggles, which I tell myself will last for the next four days until I see her again but which I know is not true.  Nothing replaces the feeling of being with your child.

So I'm off, and I'll definitely be making iPhone photographs and hopefully remembering to post them here. And since I'm taking the laptop and the facility offers wifi, I just might get in some "real" blogging time.

Then again, I just may be having too much fun to write.

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