Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Emma waits

New photography software + insomnia = lots of blog posts

Am so in love with my new Lightroom software that why don't I marry it.  Blissed out at the iMac tonight. Or rather, this morning.

Got this image of my niece Emma while we were waiting for her big brother to come by in his school parade.  She kept hearing the sirens of the fire engine, and at one point just started ambling down the sidewalk by herself. The pink shirt against the fall leaves...I couldn't resist.

Must go to sleep to avoid zombieness in the morning.  Too late, probably, but I should at least attempt it.

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Blogger Swoon Worthy said...

Lightroom was prety much made for you. The best part? When you organize your files in LR, it organizes them on the computer, too. Perfect for us anal folk! LOL! Cute picture, btw!

12:50 AM  

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