Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A state of readiness

I was on fire today.  No, not literally.  None of my body parts was physically engulfed in flames.  I just mean I was on fire.  Highly productive.

I woke up to an iPhone jammed with increasingly frantic e-mails bouncing between Lenexa, KS, New York, and France over an industry publication article that was hitting the press shortly and was rife with errors.  Oh, boy.

I hit the ground running at about 6:45 and didn't really stop until I left the house at 4:40 to walk up to Zozer's school.  Yes, I worked from home. That's what happens when you forget to bathe and apply make-up.

It was a very good day in that I got a lot done, and a lot crossed off the ol' task list that is never-ending.  I also managed to think ahead enough to realize that I would have no time to shop for a wedding gift for the blessed event that is taking place a week from Saturday in Indianapolis (road trip!) and that I better get that done now.  Like, today. So my busy work day bled into a busy evening with a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond (who managed to mess up our transaction so bad that they ended up ordering our gift and giving us free shipping to have it sent directly to the bride and groom - good people, those BB&Bers) and Wal-Mart because Zoe asked plaintively this morning, "Mommy?  Can we please go get me some more toothpaste today?"  Apparently she's fed up with having to ask me for assistance in getting the last little bit out of the tube twice daily.

It was also a good day in that my child made the most awesome artwork...a portrait of our very own Hootie Jefferson.

She wrote his full name on the back, sounding it out herself.  Apparently I've been spelling "Jefferson" wrong all these months. It's actually Gefrsen.  That's his middle name, by the way.  He shares our family name.

My California trip approaches (I leave Saturday morning), and I'm working my ass off to make sure that when my plane's wheels leave the tarmac, I'm able to also leave all my normal, everyday worries and anxieties and task lists behind on the ground.  Because this trip is a chance of a lifetime, a bucket list check-off, and I want to enjoy every. single. second.  So the bills have been paid, Zoe's school stuff wrapped up with a neat, tidy bow, laundry is scheduled to be completed Thursday night/Friday, the wedding gift purchased, all events have been RSVPd, soccer photos edited and uploaded...I'm getting there.

This explains why I've been rather absent from Latent Images lately.  With my regards, I offer you this.  Read, and be enlightened. (This is where M clicks the link, smacks his head, and says, "Where did I find you?")

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