Monday, September 19, 2011

Down and out

Got the call over lunch to go pick up my girl at school.  She made it a half day, and then just couldn't go anymore.  We figured something was wrong this weekend when she got up Saturday morning, ate breakfast, and went back to bed.  She never, ever does that.  Sunday was a lazy day around the house, and while she didn't quite seem herself, she did seem much improved.  This morning she was nearly 100%, but I think kindergarten just wore her out faster than normal.

When I entered the nurse's office, Zo was sitting on a small, paper-covered bench in a side room, looking forlorn.  She didn't even perk up when she saw me.  She just crawled into my arms, sighed heavily, and laid her head on my shoulder.  Poor baby.

She spent two hours in bed once I got her home, then rested on the couch and watched Monsters, Inc.  She absolutely loves that movie.  She thinks it's hilarious that the monsters are afraid of little kids, and cracks up laughing when they scream.  I worked in the office, laughing too, hearing scream-giggle-scream-giggle.

She's home tomorrow, too, as her slight fever warrants a day off.  Can't go back until she's fever-free for 24 hours.  Her teacher told me something is going around and it's taking about five days to get over.  If Saturday was her first day, we've got three down and two to go.  She should be recovered just in time for soccer practice.  Priorities, you know.

Tonight is quiet.  Zozer is asleep, and M is watching the Rams game at a local pub with the other kindergarten dads.  I'm editing photographs, and listening to the crickets chirp outside.  And an owl!  For the first time since we've lived here, I hear an owl hooting.  I don't think he's real close, but I can hear him and that makes me happy.  If our air conditioner worked, our house would probably be closed up tight and I'd miss it.  There really is good in nearly everything.

Pix tomorrow!  After months and months of feeling like I lost my sight, I'm finally getting it back.  Wanting to capture Zoe's soccer games put the camera back in my hands, and that's pretty much all it took.  Plus a new backpack that holds both my gear and my Macbook.

Working from home tomorrow, while keeping an eye on my sweet Zozer.  I'm cursing the day M threw away my deep fryer.  When I was a little girl and I stayed home sick from school, my mama always made me toasted ravioli.  We'd snuggle up in bed and eat t-ravs and watch corny daytime TV and laugh.  Love.

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