Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer Soccer Soccer

I'm as surprised as anyone that I'm totally digging this Soccer Mom role.  But digging it I am.

I've also become the de facto team photographer.  I see the other moms with their little point & shoots with the crappy zooms and the slow shutter speeds and the delay and I think, "No way, man. Someone's gotta get this decently.  It's too good to not capture!"  What began as an effort to get some shots of my kid playing has evolved into a mission to get good images of every girl on our team playing.

Since most of ya'all only care about seeing pix of Zozer, though, that's what I'll post here.  A little sampling.

It's seriously eating into my free time, though.  Tonight I reviewed the 728 images I shot at today's game alone, and edited 102 for posting to my secure Flickr account.  Yesterday I took 701 shots and wound up with 77 to share.  (Game yesterday the reschedule from being rained out last Sunday.)

I hope we don't have any more two-game weekends.  Holy smokes.  I didn't even play and I'm tired!

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