Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring, the airport is boring

Waiting for my 8:10 to KC. Tried Business Select this time - no security wait and boarding #A5! Also learned to look ahead and find the lane without the damn full-body scanner. I don't care about the scan...I'm all for safety and security. I'm just sick of being scanned every dang time I fly.
I read an article recently about the airport of the future. There will be three lanes, one for those who have been thoroughly vetted and who are frequent travelers. Those folks won't be stopped and made to go through all this hassle. The airport of the future can't come soon enough.
Leaving STL with a clear desk, having stayed up last night to pay and file bills, balance the checkbook, etc. I'm not sure why that makes me feel easier about traveling, but it does. What does not make me feel better is the sobbing from Zozo the night before. Thin little arms encircle my neck and I hear, "Mama! I don't want you to go to Kansas City!" It's a verbal knife in the gut. Poor M, he tries so hard to make it better: "Hey! Knuckle-bump! Daddy-Daughter time! Mom's gonna miss all the fun. We're gonna have a blast!" At which she sobs harder.
It's only because Mom is the parent who, after a long, hectic day and faced with the daunting prospect of making dinner, says, "Hey...wouldn't it be great to have Cheerios for dinner?!" whereas Daddy is the responsible parent who ensures our family eats healthy, balanced meals. Everyone knows Cheerios for dinner is way more fun than a nice piece of salmon with fresh green beans, fruit and yogurt.
This trip to KC is at least blessedly short, as they usually are, and its main purpose is to say goodbye to my French boss. After a decade in the States, he's being called home to corporate HQ in Libourne. I'll still work for him, but we all know everything changes when you're across the ocean versus across the state. He's adorably French, and a fantastic leader. I will miss him.
Other meetings scheduled up the yingyang, of course. The days will fly by. Pun intended!

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