Friday, October 15, 2010


M came home late last night.  I was so tired that I instructed him to not call when he landed (that's been a requirement since we got married and he started traveling for work) as I was going to sleep.  Just come home and climb into bed and snuggle with me.  I don't remember him coming in at all. I got up sometime in the night to pee and stumbled back to bed, realizing only as I climbed back in that there was a blanket-covered lump on his side.  I grinned in the dark, and whispered, "You're home!"  He didn't budge, being conked out as I had been.

Early this morning, I awoke to the glow of his Blackberry.  He was laying in bed, clicking away like mad.  The boy is nothing if not dedicated to his job.  I think he's gotten in this habit of checking e-mail as soon as he runs out of sleep because he's working with a lot of folks overseas, and he's barely catching them at the end of their day just as his is beginning.  I smiled again to hear the familiar clicking, and scrunched down in the covers to fall back asleep for a few minutes.

Which is when my right calf muscle decided that it was high time I got up.  It seized up in one of the worst cramps I have ever gotten.  Which is saying a lot because I am the queen of cramps.  Actually, I'm technically the princess of cramps as my mother is the reigning queen.  I inherited them from her (thanks, Ma!  You couldn't give me the slim body, but instead passed down the muscle cramps?!  What is that, payback for being breech?!)

Holy mother of god, the one this morning was bad.  I bolted upright in bed and started screaming, "Ow ow ow ow leg cramp leg cramp leg cramp ow ow ow" followed by a string of expletives.  M pitched the Blackberry down and, in between my yells, started his own chant, "Where?  Where?  Where?" while frantically pushing on my leg in different areas (none of which was the actual cramp, of course).  I pounded on my leg, and when that didn't work, I pounded on the bed, still screaming curses like a drunken sailor.  It finally unclenched, but left a lingering ache that I knew immediately would follow me all day.  I laid back down and whimpered, while M searched for the Blackberry and its case, lost in the cramp confusion.

Later, when I finally dragged myself from bed to get in the shower, I couldn't bear weight on that leg.  I looked like an idiot, half hopping on my left leg and leaning on all the furniture to get myself to the bathroom.  Zoe looked at me anxiously.  "Mommy?  What is wrong with you?"  Well, honey, the list is long but for today we'll just go with an aching calf muscle.

While the shower helped and I can now walk using both legs, the ache lingers and the slightest move of my leg causes me to grimace.  This is so ridiculous.  If I'm gonna gimp around, I should at least have a good story to back it up.  Like breaking my foot in two places dancing at a wedding reception.  Someone here at work recommended I drink a lot of water.  I'll get right on that, just as soon as I finish my mocha.
Reading a great book: How To Be An American Housewife.  No, it's not an instruction manual (although how funny would that be in today's world?).  It's a novel, the freshman release of author Margaret Dilloway.  Fanfrickintastic.  Can't loan it to you, though, as it's on the Kindle.  I suggest you buy it, check it out from the library, or download it yourself.  Good, good stuff.  It totally rocks to have a friend who works at a bookstore and can recommend awesome books.  Since I'm lucky enough to have her, I'll pass her suggestions along to you.
Currently listening to Peter Gabriel's So, thanks to another friend's blog and the heartwarming post I read this morning from her.  She made me cry and forget my aching leg for awhile.
The weekend actually looks pretty open, which is a lovely change from the last few months.  We have a few things on the agenda, and M is in full-swing with Christmas Construction, but for the most part we don't have a whole lot going on.  Lemme look at the calendar on my phone.  Swim lesson, birthday party, possible football game, community fall festival, visiting my Gran, cleaning the house, weekly shopping.  Okay, maybe we have more than a few things on the agenda.  Sigh.


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