Monday, October 04, 2010

Miner issues

I should not listen to NPR when I'm distracted and thinking about other things (namely, work) on the way to work.  This morning I heard the reporter say something about new legislation aimed at restricting the sale of videos with violent content to miners.  My mind took a leap and I actually wondered for half a second why on earth we should be concerned about what type of videos coal miners watch.  And then my brain engaged (hello, first gear) and I realized she was talking about minors, not miners.  Duh.

Great weekend, if jam-packed (as usual) and tempered by Gran's broken leg.  In the span of two and a quarter days (if you count Friday night as a quarter), we managed to drive to Chicago and back, visit with Steve (who introduced us to an amazing place called Prasino), see the awesome work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Lewis Baltz, show off the Corvette to a guy driving a really nice Audi (he wanted to hear the roar of all four pipes open, so M obliged), visit Gran in the hospital, knock out our grocery shopping, decorate the house for Halloween, clean the house, and make a giant pot of potato soup while watching the Rams whup up on the Seahawks.  M got to watch it live, entertaining a colleague visiting from Denmark.  I watched it while making the potato soup.

I'm quite pleased with myself on the potato soup.  First, because it's something I made myself.  Second, it's actually cooking.  Not just heating something up. Which is big for me.  Third, because I planned ahead and ensured that Zozer and I would have yummy, home-made and relatively healthy food for this week as M is entertaining the Denmark dude through Wednesday.  We went to the roast beef dinner at a local church last night - an annual event for which we start salivating as soon as the signs go up in front of the church - so my soup was made entirely in anticipation of a different day's meal.  Tonight's, in fact.  And while grocery shopping I gathered all the ingredients necessary to make Forgotten Roast.  That's Wednesday's dinner.  Yum!

I was trying to figure out why I've been so domestically inclined the last few weeks.  I think it stems from a couple reasons.  Being gone for almost two weeks makes me want to be a homebody for awhile.  And the cooler weather means I'd much rather be inside than out.  It's the perfect time to create a cozy (clean!) home that's filled with the comfort scents of good, hearty food.  Finally, I learned something while visiting my friend Chris in Colorado.  Although she and her husband are retired and therefore seemingly have more free time than those of us still gainfully employed, they stay extremely busy and active through volunteer work, entertaining, and Chris's little part-time job for mad money.  Despite all this, they make incredible meals every night.  I learned that it doesn't have to be hard to do this...just a little forethought and planning.  And the rescue of the steamer from the garage sale/donate pile.

Yes, yes.  I admit it.  After staring at the steamer in the garage sale for half a day, I relented and pulled it out of the donate stack.  We had never used it before.  I took it out of the box, washed it, and steamed some broccoli last week.  Holy deliciousness.  And easy!  I am, admittedly, a steamer convert.

And so we start another work week.  My schedule is just as packed as it usually is, but I'm embracing it and learning to love the fact that my life is extremely full and imperfect.  I think it'd be rather depressing and uninteresting if it was empty and perfect.


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