Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Attitude adjustment

Some days just start out awful.  You wake up late (7:31, to be precise, which is normally the time I'm saying good-bye to Zozer at her school) and things devolve from there.  Waking up that late means that you can no longer get your child to school in time for breakfast, which means you need to feed her, which naturally means that you will run even later.  (Thank gawd Zozer was on this morning, and proudly picked out her clothes, dressed herself, brushed her teeth and ate her breakfast with little to no assistance.)

We went flying out the door and piled into the ZoeMobile, where it took waaaaay too long to start.  Uh oh.  Freakin' battery.  I got her to school and from there went by FedEx to ship out M's visa application (the boy gets to go to India - how cool is that?!  So jealous, and proud of him.).  Each time I start the car, it heaves a huge sigh and says, "Oh, jeez, I have to run now?"  It sounds like I feel.

I debate in my head.  "Do I take it up to Sam's now?  How long would that be?  How would I get from there to work?  How do I get back to Sam's to pick up the car?  How long will it take me to find the paperwork showing I got the battery at Sam's, and when?"  I look at the clock.  Shit.  Already almost an hour late.  Split second decision: go home and get The Fun Car.  Sweet.  An actual reason to drive it.

I fly home and punch the garage door opener, and before it's all the way up I see that M has virtually ensconced the car in mid-assembled Christmas decorations.  Dammit.  I throw my stuff in the front seat and work to remove the car from the snares of light strands.  (He claims he did not do this to discourage me from driving the car...I think he's just being extra-wily.)(Or trying to figure out a way to incorporate his beloved into the display itself.)

As much as I love to drive The Fun Car, I realize halfway to work that there will be no Starbucks for me today, this day that I could really, really use it.  I'm too scared I'd tip the thing over in the car, and, well, I don't want to see the ramifications of that.

So I get to work and I'm all grouchy and bitchy and whiny.  And a little time goes by and I take a little break and check out MSNBC to see what's going on in the world.

Which is when it hits me.  My "problems" are nothing compared to what's going on in the world.  I read the story of the Chilean miners, tears welling up in my eyes.  Holy attitude adjustment.  I'm blown away on so many different levels.  The lives that have been put on hold while this has unfolded.  The doubt and uncertainty.  The danger.  Then, the inherent risks with pulling these men out, one by one.  The psychological impact piled on top of the physical impact.

Today, I am full of hope for humanity.  That doesn't happen often.  But today is a day of hope and of a brighter future and promises kept.  Way to go, Chile!


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