Monday, May 19, 2008


Went to the recycling center in Kirkwood today, which is always one of my most favorite trips. Several reasons for that:

I like feeling good that I'm not contributing to the country's overflowing landfill situation.

Everything is all sorted and neat and organized. And we all know how Amy loves her some organization.

Everyone there is very friendly, because we're all do-gooder tree-hugger types trying to save the world. "Go ahead, you go first! I don't mind waiting while stale week-old wine drips down my arm from this bottle I'm getting ready to recycle."

You get to heave your recyclables into giant bins, resulting in a satisfying crash. It's good stress relief.

So I went today to drop off a big pile of cardboard boxes (neatly flattened, of course, and stuffed file-like into a larger cardboard box...I'm a conscientious recycler) that our recycler guy forgot to pick up with the two bins overflowing with beer cans from this weekend's party, and saw a photo op.

I love patterns, and while there aren't any patterns in the chaos of a giant recycling container, there is lots and lots of one thing. Clear glass. Green glass. Brown glass. Steel cans. It's kind of patternish in the repetitiveness of the contents. So, I like it. So, I shot it.

The funny thing is, I got no odd looks from the other recyclers there this morning. They just went about their business, merrily heaving their bottles and plastics and cardboard into the appropriate containers. How cool is that?

Come to think of it, though, maybe I'm just becoming less self-conscious about shooting in public, and no longer see the looks from people going, "Dude, it's a giant bin full of garbage...what gives?"

Or, maybe they're all just hungover from drinking all this beer, and so they don't really give a rip about a girl in business casual clothes walking from bin to bin snapping pictures.

Kirkwoodians must drink a lot of Natty Light. Interesting.


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