Thursday, May 15, 2008

97.75% in Statistics, 100% Exhausted

Wahooooo! Statistics is over! We took our finals tonight and wound up with solid A's (but of course). M's A is ever so slightly more A-ish than mine, due to a last-minute rally on his part (i.e. better guessing on the second portion of the final). That's highly disappointing to me, and I liken it to leading for 499 laps of the Indy 500 and then stalling out 10 feet from the finish line. M, of course, because he's so supportive and loving, felt the need to point out that who leads for 499 laps isn't's who leads at the finish line. Thanks, Sweetie. I really needed that clarification. He's lucky he's not digging his statistics textbook out of one of his orifaces.

So, here's the deal with the Photo of the Day for tomorrow (Friday). I have none. Why? Well, today was rainy and cloudy and cold and generally icky. I was jam-packed at work, and my lunch break was spent making unnecessary tabs marking "important" pages in my stats book. Tonight as soon as Zoe went down we did a last-minute review and then dove into the final. We just finished up a little bit ago, and then went directly into full-on giddyness and sheer delight with being finished with another course and never having to talk about a regression model or two-tailed whatever or p-values again. Bottom line, I didn't shoot anything today.

Well, I take that back. I did a half-hearted attempt at capturing the essence of my evening by shooting a still-life of my side of the dining room table. The image portrayed my splayed-open stats book (complete with useless self-made tabs), my open laptop with one of the final graphs, and the ginormous bottle of Tums that M and I pop like candy these days. It's gotten so bad that we keep personal supplies of Tums at each of our work desks, and then the giant tub here at home to split. Yikes.

Anyway, I couldn't get the lighting right and frankly was too fried to screw with it, or drag the tripod out and do it right, so I said "hell with it, I'll live to shoot another day!"

So, just because I don't have an image here in the morning for you to see doesn't mean there isn't one forthcoming! I still have all of Friday to shoot something and get it up. And if all else fails, I'll dive into the archives.

Shout out to Dad Z, who announced today that he got a great (and well-deserved) promotion at work! Fantastic news and definitely worthy of a happy dance.


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