Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Developments at HootieCo

Concerned about the stability of the Hootie Tower due to the recent earthquakes, Zozo and her father built a new and improved tower today:

This is the standard documentary shot that M demands every time he builds something. It's probably a good thing we do this, as his Lego creations are now so transitory due to a small, adorable but destructive force in our house. Photographs are necessary to preserve his hard work for posterity.

I took another shot with Zozer, just to put it in perspective. She's standing directly in front of the new tower:

As you can tell, the new building soars into the skyline, standing at least 3.5 feet tall. It's a veritable monument to megablock building. While the new building is actually less stable than the old one, and the fall in an earthquake will be quite a bit longer, Hoot has one helluva view for the ride down.

However, soon after Daddy left for his business trip, Zoe decided to make a few minor modifications on her own:Hence my statement about the impermanence of M's megablock constructions.

It's faintly reminiscent of a Picasso, I think. M hasn't seen this yet. He'll get it when he lands in Vegas at 1:30 a.m. STL time and pulls the blog up on his BlackBerry. I haven't warned him, either. I figure what happens in the library, stays in the library. At least until I can get to the blog.


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