Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm too sexy for my cane

Every once in awhile you see something that you think is absolutely hilarious, and you say to yourself, "I wish I had the camera." I had one of those moments last weekend at the mall.

We were at the Galleria (which, by the way, did an awesome job remodeling the Food Court and installing a very family-friendly area, including the best public diaper-changing station in the St. Louis region) for some Christmas shopping. We were ambling along, talking and discussing the gift list, and I spied something that made me just crack up laughing.

There was a little old curmudgeonly man with a cane taking a breather in front of Victoria's Secret. He used the ledge outside the display window to sit down. What he didn't realize (or maybe he did, who knows) was that he was sitting directly in front of, and a little under, the giant four-foot lighted sign that says, "SEXY."

Last night's printing tasks were accomplished quickly and easily, without having to re-install drivers, without having to re-boot, without having to re-load the same sheet of paper four times. Success! Oh wait, just remembered, I did have a spot of trouble with my weensy photo printer, the one dedicated to 4x6s, which required re-installing the driver and re-booting, but this was extremely easy and didn't elicit any expletives or help from M.

Leaving the house this morning, I was sitting at the stoplight waiting to turn left onto Manchester when I saw a silver Caddie turning on to my street. Here were my thoughts: "Huh, that looks like Mom's car. Wow, she looks like Mom. Hey, that is Mom!" She saw me, too, and gave me this look she has that means, "I'm up to something." Whipped the car around and went back, of course, because I know how sneaky my mom can be (she's where I get it from), and caught her in the driveway. She was leaving Christmas window clings for Zozo! How cute is that?! So, thanks Mama, for leaving surprise Christmas window clings for Zozo, and for BSing with me in my driveway for a few minutes this morning. Hope you enjoy your Crazy Bowls lunch!


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