Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thanks, G!

I'm having a great afternoon, for many reasons:
  1. My power has been restored and my MIL has turned my heat on. Which means my home will be all warm and toasty tonight. And my fridge will run. And my computer. And my stereo. Etc.
  2. I have the office to myself, so I'm able to play whatever music I want. Right now? It's the 2006 World Champion Cardinals At-Bat Songs, thanks to Garrin. Mr. Molina is stepping up to the plate. A little while ago, Mary from Accounting came in (her legal name isn't Mary From Accounting, by the way...I just thought I'd clarify a little bit) and I had "Numb" by Linkin Park playing. Mary is a lovely lady in her 50s, a total mom/grandma type. Very prim and proper, a little bob 'do, very sweet. You get the picture. I went to turn down Linkin Park and I'll be darned if she didn't start singing along before I had a chance to. I was rolling.
  3. My e-mail cracks me up every time a new message comes in, because the aforementioned Garrin sent me a .wav file of a cash register "cha-ching" per one of my previous posts.
  4. Our gigantic print of the aerial shot of the first game in the new Busch Stadium is ready to be picked up from the framers. It's going to look awesome, and we have a spot on the wall in the basement already chosen. And now we have power to use the hammer drill to hang it!

I just realized that half the reasons I'm having a great afternoon are due to my friend Garrin. It's a Garrin Afternoon, you might say.

Hmmmm...wondering what other challenges I can throw out for him...

(Looking forward to seeing you guys Saturday, by the way!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring it on! Me and my "secret" internet connection can handle anything you can dish! Except for tomorrow when I'm in Chicago on a one-day-only business trip, without said connection.

5:11 PM  

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