Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Prep

Well, it's been a rather busy weekend, what with moving back into our house and Christmas shopping and all.

Yeah...the power. Funny story about that. It seems Ameren wasn't entirely at fault. I'm feeling quite sheepish about the whole deal, actually, and am rather glad I didn't actually post the five paragraphs of vitriolic piss and vinegar directed toward Ameren that I wrote Thursday night. Let's just say an old "new" battery in our voltmeter was to blame. For details, call M.

Saturday we ran hither and yon in search of perfect Christmas presents. I think we did well, but I suppose that remains to be seen on Christmas when everyone opens their gifts. Spent today figuring out what my priorities are with the last few gifts, as some things will need to be shipped and some places need to be called, etc.

Not to mention the Christmas cards still haven't gone out. I've got a plan for that, too, and am hoping that Schiller's (blessed are they among camera stores) will be able to help me out with my tight timeline. They've never let me down yet. This, by the way, is the time of the year where I kick myself for setting the precedent of sending out photographic Christmas cards. Would love to be able to go out and buy some beautiful cards and sign them all, "Peace, love and best wishes for a merry Christmas!" and send them along in a timely fashion. But nooooo, every year, the week before Christmas, M says, "Ummm, about the Christmas cards..." and then I snap, "I'll get them done!" and then he says, "People will never get them before Christmas" and I respond, "Don't worry! I've got a plan!" And then I get to work formulating my plan.

Tonight's plan involved a quick photo session with Zozo in front of the Christmas tree, where I got some pretty good shots. I've burned my disk and I'll be off to Schiller's first thing in the morning.

I have a couple gifts this year that are particularly special, as they've been several months in the making and it's very cool to see them start to really come together. Yes, I know, another tight deadline as it's the week before Christmas and they're just now starting to really come together. The late nights and panic attacks and figuring things out on the fly are all worth it, though, as it's great to see the delight in the recipient's face when they open them.

Today we had a massive change in Zozo's dietary habits. Today she put her little baby foot down and refused to eat her baby food. Threw quite a little hissy fit right there in the high chair, and you'd have thought we were trying to feed her a cow patty. At first we chalked it up to maybe she just wasn't very hungry. But then she started pointing at our food and grunting. Zozo's grunts can be easily translated to, "I want that, I need that, I have to have that, so give it to me now." We complied, and I'll be darned if she didn't snarf up everything we put in front of her. So, no more bland baby food for our not-so-bland little baby. I know, I know, technically she's a toddler and not a baby, but she'll always be my baby.

And yes, just to put everyone's mind at ease...she's drinking her milk, and plenty of it. Through a straw.


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