Friday, May 16, 2014

Turns out the cure for stress is to not go to work

Today was wonderful, just lovely. And as I was getting ready for bed tonight I thought about what made it so nice. And then it hit me:

I spent very little of it at work.

I went in this morning and took care of a couple of deadlines, and I worked from home this afternoon.  This added up to a day relatively free of work-related stress.

I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to give up on work just yet. I had my hour of prayer for the retreat M is on this weekend and, along with my rosaries and other prayers, I asked God what I should do about this stuff at work. The prayer thing, I found, works pretty well. And, surprisingly, it has no side effects, which makes it way better than xanax, pot, and beer. Anyway, in thinking about it, I realized that I do care deeply about the place, and my monks, even with all the shit going on and how frustrated I am and how I wish things would get fixed already. I'm torn. I really do love the place. It's just the three amigos (and by amigos I mean assholes...amigos is, like, Guatamalan for assholes, right?) that are making everyone's life a living hell right now. The problem is, they are too pervasive to ignore. They have an impact on nearly every part of all our jobs there. Eh, we'll see.

My MIL and I were the runners for M's and Dad's retreat today. That means we drove up there with things that were missing, snuck in and dropped them off, then left and went to lunch. We were invisible, which is exactly how we were supposed to be. I sent M a text afterwards: "In and out! We're like NINJAS! Me and mom...ninjas!" I got no response.

In other You'll just have to wait for tomorrow night. (More information forthcoming!)


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