Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What happens next?

Well, I haven't written much. I was on a tear there, and then, not.

I was sick.
I was busy.
I was tired.

Yeah. I really shouldn't have any excuses for not writing.

I mean, I did write some things. I wrote in my journal, which I fully intended to then type in here, but didn't. Which makes me wonder if the journal serves as a different outlet. Not that it really felt any different; it wasn't like I was pouring out my heart any more than I do here. I was just hand writing it instead of typing it. Although, looking back over my journal, I'm not entirely sure I could read my handwriting to transcribe it.

I had a meeting today for which I was fully prepared, and yet dreaded.

(Blah blah blah. Work shit I had to redact. Because of, you know, The Assholes.)

I'm just feeling really unsettled right now.

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