Saturday, March 15, 2014



Found this today. Snapshot Wheat by New Belgium Brewery. Love the graphics, and the beer. I now own a bottle, a tshirt, and a gorgeous print that they threw in for free.

Did some shopping in old Fort Collins. Watched intoxicated people of all ages stumble around celebrating St. Patrick's Day early. Heard a pretty decent U2 cover band.

Watched Dallas Buyers Club and discovered why it took Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and a whole bunch of accolades.

Figured out that I can't ignore the turmoil in my stomach that has been brewing for a couple of days. Tomorrow's outing is in jeopardy for me. I don't relish the thought of being away from facilities for 8 hours. Unless this gets better overnight I'll have to stay home.

Apparently acting like everything is fine and eating rich food and enjoying a beer here and a margarita there doesn't cut it. I just have to let it run its course. Pun intended.


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