Sunday, March 09, 2014



Zozo participated in her first piano competition today. Lots of the kids there were nervous. One girl forgot her first song (each student played two pieces, and they had to be memorized). One boy was so antsy and fidgety that his mom spent their waiting time just trying to talk him down.

Ol' Zo sat there and waited patiently. Nerves of steel. She played some Temple Run on my phone and looked around, and decided she would play "Greedy Goblins" first and "Surprise!" second. Then she went in and nailed it. Upon emerging (only the student and the judge were allowed in the room for the competition - today's image was from her quick practice before the afternoon session got underway) she grinned and said, "I'm hungry!"

We found out the results later in the afternoon, when her teacher called to give us the good news. She earned a Superior, the highest ranking!

We are so proud of this little girl who loves her piano. Her feet don't even touch the floor and her teacher had to explain that although her wingspan isn't very wide she'd just have to stretch because wiggling your booty down the piano bench isn't allowed. Despite her size, she plays beautifully and shows what we think is real talent.

Way to go, ZoBug!


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