Friday, March 14, 2014



Scrambled to the top of Crescent Rock today, which is way harder than it sounds. They could have at least named it Crescent Peak or Crescent Mountain or You'll Kill Yourself Climbing Up Here But The View Is So Worth It.

Then we hiked and climbed and skidded and fell to Gem Lake.

After we got back down, all of us sporting bruises and two of us with wounds that produced blood, we went to Ed's Cantina in Estes Park and drowned our miseries in nachos (bean for me, since it's Friday) and fish tacos and margaritas. If someone ever offers you an avocado margarita, politely decline. Then order one for yourself because they are so delicious you won't want to share.

I'm in bed, stuffed with ibuprofen and hoping tomorrow brings relief to an aching body. It was a great day, but I'm feeling today's activity a lot. And in many different places. What ever muscle or tendon that is on the back of your lower leg, right above your heel? Yeah. Those are screaming right now. Ow.

My FitBit is very proud though. Stunned that I completed over 19,000 steps today but completely oblivious to the huge altitude gains and drops from scrambling over rocks and plodding up paths. I think I burned way more calories than it's giving me credit for.


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