Saturday, February 22, 2014



Zozo had a Girl Scouts Mardi Gras party tonight. She could take a shoebox float. I started with the shoebox and some stickers and some markers. I cut the cookies and Girl Scout symbols off some cookie boxes. Zoe fetched her Girl Scout bear and dressed her in a Brownie uniform. We planned to throw in some tissue paper and beads. I figured this was pretty good.

Then, the engineer we live with got involved.

By the time we walked out the door there was a spinning box of Thin Mints crowning the top, constructed with motorized Lego.

She won Best Girl Scout Themed Float, as voted on by her peers and their moms.

M is so proud, and also upset that he wasn't aware that there was a competition. I'm pretty sure he's already started planning for next year's float.


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