Sunday, February 16, 2014



Got a hankering to learn how to crochet, so Zozo picked out some yarn and I watched a YouTube video (thanks faceless British lady!) and now I'm making her a scarf.

She and M love to watch the Olympics. I enjoy that, too, but I start to feel lazy, just sitting here on my couch watching people who have trained every day for years compete for one of the highest honors in sports. So I need to do something, make something.

Because crocheting a scarf is so on par with competing in the Olympics.

Retreat has ended and it was wonderful. Back to the real world now, with making dinner and cleaning the litter box and tucking my girl into bed. It is good to be home. (Especially since I came home and promptly crashed - I got better sleep in my two hour nap in my own bed than all three nights at Pallottine combined.)


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