Thursday, January 09, 2014



Today was a regular old work day that got started late due to waking up feeling like garbage again.

I did find this rainbow on the sidewalk while heading to the dining hall for lunch. Remnants of the chemicals the maintenance guys put down to clear snow and make our pedestrian commutes safer.

Right at the end of the day, like a sucker punch, I got a crappy email from one of the two jerks who happen to be employed where I am employed. (Seriously, if these guys could move on, everyone at work would be a lot happier.) The email was confusing and had lots of big words and smelled faintly of insult and condescension. Okay, it reeked of insult and condescension. I left work feeling hurt and bewildered. Talking it over with M didn't help, as he went into "if I can't fix it for you I'm just gonna get pissed about it" mode.

I headed to my ACTS meeting with the email on my mind and my presentation wreaking havoc on my stomach. I gave my speech and didn't vomit (you have no idea how close I was to actually doing that) and received lots of hugs and affirmations at the end. It was a relief to have it over, and to have it go over so well.

Then I got home and checked my email. There was a message from an associate in our architect's firm. Our home has been nominated for St. Louis Magazine's House of the Year!* I am so very proud of our architect for earning this nomination. He deserves to win! We've been invited to attend the awards evening with our architect and his wife. Hell yeah! What awesome news.

So between the meeting and the house news, Mr. Jerk can stuff it!

*Note: the potential House of the Year currently has a bunch of crap piled on the island and a shit-ton of Lego on a Persian run in the center of the great room. Among other things. This makes me giggle.


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