Wednesday, January 08, 2014



Return to work and school today, and it was actually quite nice. Also had a Girl Scout Brownie meeting, which went as it usually does. I must be getting used to them. I had energy when I got home and made a nice dinner rather than curling up on the couch and waiting for my ears to stop bleeding.

Big water main break a couple miles up my street. Was leaking this morning and gushing at 2 pm. I'm really ready for the polar vortex to end now, thanks.

Big night for me tomorrow. I am slated to give the presentation of my talk written for the ACTS retreat. I was supposed to go next week but this week's presenter called me in a panic on Monday, begging me to switch. Since my talk was mostly written and she hadn't even started hers I agreed, then scrambled to finish and send it to the right people for approval. Just got final word this morning that our associate pastor signed off, so I guess I'm up.

It's on forgiveness.

Deep breath, and a reminder that I'm presenting to a wonderful group of women who will hold me in their hearts the entire time I'm in front of them, and then probably forever after.

Ten years ago I never dreamed of the life I have now. Wasn't even on the radar. My world is so rich and full of such goodness now that I wonder what the hell I was doing back then.


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