Sunday, January 05, 2014



Dinner out at a new barbecue place. New to us, anyway. Fantastic. Then a round (or three) of drinks with family/friends. Great evening full of good conversation and much laughter.

Then home to peruse Facebook and see evidence of St. Louisans going batshit crazy over a snow prediction. Holy crap, people, how long do you think you'll be "trapped?" Lines a mile long at grocery stores, empty shelves, gas stations out of gas...seriously folks. It's a foot of snow at most. I predict it'll be a lot less than that and that the weather clowns just enjoy making you all look stupid once or twice a year. If we get all 12 inches, I'd guess we'll be able to start driving around again in 24 to 36 hours. Good thing you bought those five gallons of milk and eight loaves of bread.


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