Monday, June 17, 2013



Am addicted to sweet tea these days.

And cooking. M made an awesome chicken basil pesto pasta dish with big chunks of Babybel cheese for dinner while I whipped up a yummy salad. Then after we made chocolate chip cookies. I feel like I've never done so much cooking in my life, and what used to be burdensome, a dreaded task worse than vacuuming, is now a delight. Complicated recipes are no longer intimidating, and I find that I like the food I prepare as much or more than restaurant food. This pleases M to no end as he hates eating out (too much time spent on the road) and he loves the economics of eating at home. He also likes that we can make our favorite dishes a lot healthier without sacrificing a lot of taste. His bleu cheese burgers last night were made with ultra-lean ground turkey. Okay, I won't say that's as good as beef, but he got the general taste without any of the heart attack inducing bad stuff. (Well, except for the bleu cheese...but it was Father's Day!)

Tonight we (okay, M) put together our new kitchen counter stools.

I love this house. I love living here. I love cooking and cleaning and working here. Thank goodness it's summer and my job allows me to work from home quite a bit because I'm getting it out of my system. Some day I'll be happy to leave the house, but for right now I'm really content to hang out in the nest and just be.


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