Monday, June 03, 2013



Stirfry on the new gas cooktop tonight. So much fun to cook in this kitchen. I chopped veggies at the island and faced my family, instead of being holed up in the kitchen by myself. Plenty of room to work and stage veggies. Easy to clean up as I went. Heaven.

This house is even more awesome than I imagined. I find myself thinking, "Wow. I want to live HERE." And then being happily surprised to remember that I do.

We closed today. This is a very good thing. Despite our builder's best efforts to drag this out as long as possible, we managed to close AND hold some of his money back as incentive to finish. We had locked on a great rate back on March 1, and he guaranteed he could finish by March 30. Five extensions later and we were down to the wire. Our loan officer told us today that a mandate went out Friday stating no more extensions since the rates are climbing again. Today was the last day of the last extension. We closed with a little over four hours to spare.

No wonder I had heartburn all day.

Looking forward to having that worry behind me. Now we just need to get this house finished. They're coming tomorrow. Carpenters. Electrician. Plumber. God knows who else. Wish me luck.


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Living in a house you really love is one of the greatest joys in life. Our house is our comfort place, so it's best that we feel great with it. Congratulations on closing in and wishing you luck on your house building!
Eustolia Nitta

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