Friday, May 31, 2013



I am glad today is over.

Waiting waiting waiting then finally good news about a loved one.

Long, 2-hour drive in a storm to pick up lighting parts that should have come in the original order but didn't because our lighting designer is a nitwit.

Camping out in the office of one title company, and begging another over the phone to please please PLEASE let me close on my mortgage loan Monday even though my builder is being a complete shit and taking his time in finishing my house. (Yes, we can close, although the panic-induced stomachache was already in full swing by the time I received the news at 4:45 pm.)

Tornado sirens tonight. Multiple. How many people, cats, and guinea pigs can we fit in the downstairs bathroom? A lot!

The thunderstorms still rage but I can deal with that. It's time to close my eyes against this day, thanking God for His abundant blessings today and looking forward to the blessings that tomorrow brings.


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