Saturday, March 02, 2013



Hiked six miles today in snow shoes, 1300 feet up a mountain to a frozen lake and back down. It snowed the entire time and was extraordinarily beautiful. The sun was out for most of it, so the snow glittered as it came down. It was how I imagine the inside of a snowglobe looks. As we climbed higher the clouds came down lower, and the wind kicked up. It felt like a blizzard on the frozen lake, like the sky itself was falling.

Then we crashed at Ed's Cantina and made quick work of a huge plate of nachos and some guacamole. It must have looked to observers like we hadn't eaten in months. The table was a disaster when we were done, and I'm sure we all smelled pretty ripe from our mountain trek. Ed's is in Estes Park, though, so I figure they're pretty used to seeing famished hikers.

Once home we all enjoyed hot showers and comfy clothes, and the latest Bond flick. I highly recommend it. Fantastic. Great end to a wonderful day.

Tomorrow: a day of rest. And some of Colorado's finest microbreweries.

These girls know how to have a good time.


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