Monday, February 25, 2013



Zoe and I found Nemo at her dentist today. I love her dentist's sense of humor, and the irony. Zo has a great dentist, and she loves going. This is good because girlfriend is going to be seeing a lot of him, and his orthodontist friend, when she is nine or ten. The pano x-rays today verified that she'll follow in both her parents' footsteps and wind up at some point with a mouthful of metal.

Stopped by The House today and other than nearly leaving my Merrills in the muck I saw great progress. More tile, more finish work, and vanities hung in all four baths. Plus one toilet! Drop ceiling grid completed in the basement, and faucets delivered to the site.

Just keep building, just keep building, just keep building...

(to paraphrase Dory)


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