Monday, January 21, 2013



Zo-bug and I had a fun, productive day off. We even had lunch with Daddy, picking him up at his office and dropping him back off after.

It was so nice to have a "catch-up" day. A bonus day with no obligations other than doing what we wanted. We stopped by the house and hit Sam's, Target and multiple mall stores. House is picked up, laundry is done, and new house crap nearly caught up (i.e. I no longer feel as though I am drowning in construction decisions) (I suspect that will last approximately eight hours).

Zo and I had a couple tickle fights and several in-depth discussions regarding future Build-a-Bear purchases. We watched Toy Story and snuggled. Tonight, she read for almost 45 minutes; she wants the Six Flags Read to Succeed award. She read to herself, and to us, and to the cat. The cat did a better job staying awake than I. Nothing puts me out like monotone reading where the reader usually doesn't pause for punctuation but rather for running out of breath or not being able to recognize a word. Still, I'm so proud of her. We had a great day together.


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