Thursday, December 20, 2012



My day began with an unexpected trip to the pet hospital and ended with an unexpected trip to the people hospital.

Hershey has a respiratory infection. I shelled out $115 of treatment for a $30 guinea pig because that's what mommies do. It's 50/50 on whether she'll make it, but my hopes are high as tonight we saw definite improvement from this morning. I worked from home for a couple hours this afternoon with her on my lap, snoozing. I find it fascinating and heartening how quickly one can grow attached to a new pet.

Papa is experiencing more complications from his knee surgery. He's now battling cellulitis in his left foot, and was admitted to the hospital after several hours in the ER tonight. Huge, huge shout-out to my sister who continues to be there for him and our mom. Beano, I can't thank you enough for your selfless giving.

Despite working from home and the hospital, I'm woefully behind on tomorrow's deadlines. Who needs sleep, right? Sleep is for sissies.


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