Thursday, November 08, 2012



I signed off on all the cabinets and vanities today. This makes me both anxious and thrilled. I'm happy that it's another of The Big Three checked off (plumbing...check, cabinets...check, lighting...groan) but anxious because it's So Much Money And What If We Hate It.

I just gotta push forward and trust it'll all work out. That's what I did with the brick (resulting in another pit of the stomach feeling) and that worked out better than any of us expected.

This weekend we tackle the fireplace. Which gas logs? What stone? It feels never ending.

I sat on my butt for twenty minutes tonight before realizing with a start that I had a shitload to accomplish before bed again. What was I thinking? Sitting there with a tummy ache and nerves all ajangle...pshaw. Get back to work! So I built a presentation deck for the headmaster, sorted mail, picked up the house, and am now settling in to pay the bills for the month and balance the checkbook.

The tummy still rumbles, but I can see my desk again and I'm hoping to be done around midnight. An early night!


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