Sunday, November 04, 2012



Today was incredible.

I got to sleep in a bit.

Zozer's team won their soccer game.

We visited the central vac store to learn about options for the new house and discovered the. coolest. thing. ever. (More on that later, but in short it involves Hide-a-Hose, which is cleaner than it sounds, both literally and figuratively.)

Shopped for ceiling fans, and purchased Zoe's and the guest bedroom's. This is huge, because although we're paying for the house thus far, it's rather removed as we pay the bank and the bank pays the title company and the title company pays the general contractor. It doesn't really feel like we've bought anything concrete for the house, which is ironic given the amount of concrete (and shingles, and 2x4s and 2x6s, and bricks, and electrical wire, and PVC) is already in our house. But today! Today we purchased, on our own, Things For The House. I'm sure I will get sick of this, but today was a milestone and so I shall celebrate.

Worked on one of my last newsletters as editor of my Corvette club's monthly publication. Something had to go, and this is it. December is my last issue, and I'm gleefully looking forward to being "just a member" again. (I told you 2013 was my Year of No. I'm starting a bit early! Or laying the groundwork at least.)

Went to a First Grade Parent party. I'm not sure how we lucked out to have so many awesome people be parents of little Catholic first graders at the same time we are, but I'm sure thankful. So much fun tonight, hanging with old friends and meeting new. We had a blast, and I won the Dubble Bubble bubble blowing contest, which came after M and I held our own at shuffleboard. (I've been told I have a very interesting release style. Not entirely sure what that means, but since I'm a silver lining kind of girl I'll take it as a compliment.)

Also wound up in a conversation with the hostess' grade-school daughter who is a budding photographer and who has a great eye. I gave her some websites, and we exchanged email addresses. A college student overheard our conversation and jumped in. She loves photography, too, but doesn't know where to start. By the end of our conversation, one of them said, "I've always wanted to meet someone like you..." Which I will take as a wonderful compliment. I'm now on a mission to foster photography in these two lovely young ladies. (They are already asking about if they can go to the same retreat I went to. Yeah! Start 'em early! With Zoe, this makes three future shutter sisters, all in my neighborhood!)

Today's image was snapped on a whim, but it was snapped today, and was the only one shot with the iPhone, so here it is. I have a couple lovely shots from the party, but since they were exposed after midnight and I've so far been able to not fudge any image in my 365, I'll play by the (self-imposed) rules. I'm not even taking advantage of that extra-hour daylight savings thing.

So, not a great image to express the day, but an image nonetheless. The important thing was that I was looking, and seeing...and that's what counts.

A good day, indeed.


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